Become What You Were Created For

Joining a team is a great way to serve others and grow your relationship with God.

Living Word offers wonderful opportunities for you and your family to serve with your skills and passion.
Take a look and let us know what interests you!

First Impressions

(Building Care, Welcome, Cafe, Security)

We help people feel they belong by providing a safe, and friendly atmosphere.

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Building Care: Use your skills to keep our building excellent and welcoming.

Welcome: Help people feel they belong by providing an excellent, friendly atmosphere.

Cafe: Serve our congregation by providing refreshments with a smile.

Security: We inspire and nurture the value of having a secure and safe place of worship

Service Experience

(Music, Media, Research, Stage Set)

We create a vibrant atmosphere through music, media, and the message to help people have a great service experience.

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Music - We use musical giftings to help to create the atmosphere in each service by revealing an awareness of the presence of God. 

Media - We deliver what goes on from the stage to the people by creating the atmosphere with sound, lighting, screens, and cameras.

Research - We help develop sermon series by researching scriptures and subject matter.

Stage Set - We create and build stage sets to visually enhance the atmosphere of the stage during seasons and events.

Family Ministries

(Children’s Ministry, Five7 Middle School, Twentyfour7 Youth Church)

From Infants to Parents, we help build strong families by helping them realize who they are in Christ.

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Children's Ministry - Lay a strong foundation for generations to come by ministering to children from birth - 4th grade.

Five7 Middle School - Leave an impression for a lifetime by teaching, mentoring, and caring for middle school students in grades 5 - 7.

Twentyfour7 Youth Church - Our mission is to Know Him and Make Him Known. Discipling Students, 8th - 12th grade, to spread God’s Love.


(Meetup Leader)

We create opportunities for people to use their experience, wisdom & hospitality to serve others through meeting, eating & praying together regularly

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Meet Up Leader - We create opportunities for people to use their experience, wisdom & hospitality to serve others through Meet ups

Living Word Studios

(Cast, Crew, Planning And Administration)

We build strong families through feature films and short films.

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Cast -  Use your acting talent to bring the characters to life in film

Crew - We train and fill every position on the film set. From production assistants to cinematography, to set building and hair and makeup. Even craft services! (feeding the crew)

Planning - Can’t be on set? Pre-production is the most crucial piece to making the film. From scheduling to script there is a place for you.

Administration - Tracking and organizing the behind the scenes talent and crew releases, location scouting, etc. are available for you to be part of. 


(Photography, Video, Social Media/Advertising, Graphic Arts, Website)

We help share the stories that inspire people to go deeper with God.

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Photography: We capture all the beautiful moments that happen at Living Word

Video: We tell all the great stores from the people at Living Word through video

Social Media/Advertising: We use social media to continue to impact people all week long

Graphic Arts: We create wonderfully designed pieces of art that connect with people with our lifechanging events

Website: We design and update our website to inspire people to connect deeper with God 

Congregational Care

(Life Care Coaches, Meal Prep)

We help take care of the people God is bringing to Living Word, through coaching, meals and other ways to get them through challenging times.

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Life Care Coaches: As life care coaches we help people navigate their way through the challenging times of their life.

Meal Prep: Our team prepares meals for those who need a little extra support after a hospital stay or other major challenges in their life.

Support Services

(Office Volunteers, Virtual Volunteers)

We help with all the details that make Living Word such a great place to worship.

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Office Volunteers: We volunteer with the staff to help with all the things needed for Sunday services and the other projects at Living Word. 

Virtual Volunteers: We are the ones behind the scenes making sure all the “i”’s are dotted and “t”’s are crossed. 

Legacy Team

The Legacy Team is an outlet for those who are called and equipped to finance the Kingdom of God and to leave a legacy. The Legacy Team serves our church with the gift of giving.

Still unsure about where you belong?